16 March 2018

Towards the Restoration of Hall 119 in the New Hermitage

In connection with the project for the reconstruction of the display in the halls of ancient art, the administration of the State Hermitage has decided to hold a tender process for the restoration of Hall 119 in the New Hermitage that will house the new permanent display of Ancient Colonization of t

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17 August 2017

On changes in the law on the Museum Fund of Russia

The recently issued (on 10 August) government decree on the rules for the transfer of museum items and collections from the state part of the Museum Fund to museums and other organizations for uncompensated use has aroused heightened interest.

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8 August 2017

The State Hermitage informs

From 22 July 2017, the contract between the State Hermitage and OOO MekhStroiTrans for the performance of construction and installation work on the object “Construction of a complex of buildings of the production facility and repository – 3rd phase, 5th stage of the construction (the 3rd stage of th

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7 August 2017

The contract with OOO MekhStroiTrans for the construction of the “Supercube” has been cancelled by the Hermitage as of 22 July 2017.

It is a legal requirement of the contract system that in the event of unilateral cancellation of a contract the customer is obliged to inform Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service so that information about the contractor can be entered in the register of unconscientious suppliers.

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27 June 2017

Dear Hermitage Friends

The meeting of the Hermitage Friends’ Club scheduled for the 23rd of June, which was canceled due to the change of date for the ‘Scarlet Sails’ city festival on the Palace Square for the same day, and strictly limited access to the territories around the museum, will take place on Tuesday, June 27th

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